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Welcome to Giuseppe Pasquali Photography.

I was born in Tuscany, Italy, in 1964.

I live in Livorno and work as a photographer and image consultant in Italy and abroad.

Since a young boy I have been involved in photography.
Street photography became my specialty in 1981, when I toured Italy in search of local traditional events and celebrations.

I got a degree "magna cum laude" in Linguistics at the University of Pisa.

I attended several street and creative photography workshops during a long working experience in the United Kingdom.

Federico Scianna, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mario Giacomelli, Henry Cartier - Bresson were and are among my favourite photographers.

Some of my works have been and are exhibited in galleries and shows in Italy and abroad.

Today I shoot on assignment or on self assigned projects (lifestyle, events and street) that are exhibited in international galleries and art shows.

Some of my works are permanently exhibited on

Thank you for your interest in my works,

I hope you will enjoy your visit.

Giuseppe Pasquali

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Guestbook for Giuseppe Pasquali Photography
Wow… I was so stunned to see these photographs. I never thought that monochrome images would be this beautiful and can give us a great detailing, even when clicking the landscape photographs. Even the minute facial expressions and feelings can be read so easily from this.
Thay are really good
Your work inspires me and I am enjoying your new work. I am glad you are "back on the road".
Best regards
Some photos reminded me, the loneliness. Hard, but a beautiful expression. I loved it. Congratulations and I wish you good work. From Istanbul to a novice..
Axel Cordes(non-registered)
Hello Giuseppe,

I only now saw that you have new uploads - and that I can set an RSS feed - done!
I'm currently on a poor internet connection. I will come back when I can surf better.

I think it's the first time I see colour in your images, but maybe my old brain is not right. Appreciate it much!

I'm looking forward to view your latest uploads!

Come back soon - see you.

Ciao Axel
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